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FIDE - C/ Serrano 26 - 4°dcha - 28001
(Madrid) (ver mapa)

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ObjectivesThe political economy of the competition law in China offers a unique perspective of China's competition law that lies within its legal, institutional, economic and political contexts. Adopt a framework that focuses on key stakeholders and the relevant government and policy environment, and take advantage of stakeholdersOn the occasion of a recent publication by the speaker, Fide held this session to comment on the most important aspects of that publication.Interviews, case studies, and doctrinal analyzes, the author examines China's antitrust law in the context of the political economy from which it arose and in which it now applies. It explains the legal and economic reasoning used by Chinese competition authorities to interpret and apply antitrust.Law, and offers valuable and novel information about the processes and dynamics of the law and decision-making in accordance with that law.Panelist: Dr. Wendy Ng, Senior Lecturer at Melbourne Law School, where she is the Deputy Director of the Competition Law and Economics Network and an Associate Director (China) of the Asian Law Centre. * 

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