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The UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres was created in 2001. It brings together the best commercial mediation practitioners and ADR centres from around the world, together with  managers,  academics, teachers, trainers, young practitioners, and all those interested in learning more about mediation.

The Forum takes place every 9 months in different countries around the world. It fosters the exchange of views on the development of ADR, enhancing knowledge, and best practices, giving new ideas, ensuring the best understanding of ADR, and learning from other cultures.

The worldwide health crisis caused by COVID-19 has driven us all to an unprecedented scenario and has led to no other alternative than to postpone the UIA World Forum of Mediation Centres originally planned in Sydney. We are currently working on an alternative date for a future Forum of which we will punctually inform you.

For the first time the Forum will take place virtually. This 28th Forum promises to be again very exceptional because it will be the opportunity to gather experiences, ideas, observations about development of mediation and make comparison to enhance our knowledge and our practice.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn and enhance your knowledge and practice about mediation.

The virtual Forum with its 4 sessions will be exciting as usual and with the same quality substantive panels:

  • SESSION N°1 - The Impact on International Disputes of the Singapore Convention / Thursday, September 3, from 10:30 AM CEST to 11:30 AM CEST
  • SESSION N°2 - MODRON / Thursday, September 3, from 12:00 PM CEST to 01:00 PM CEST
  • SESSION N°3 - Mediation and Space Law / Friday, September 4, from 10:30 AM CEST to 11:30 AM CEST
  • SESSION N°4 - Mediation as a profession - Setting the standards / Friday, September 4, from 12:00 PM CEST to 01:00 PM CEST
The 28th Forum will be an unforgettable international event. Practitioners from all around the world have already confirmed their participation.


UIA - Unión Internacional de Abogados

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