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Transformation of the judicial system is essential and courts must modernize, innovate, and adapt to emerging technologies.

• The digitalization of Court processes is fundamental to providing efficient and equitable Justice in the 21st Century.• Courts must explore emerging digital options to deliver more modern Justice.• In many cases, the need for new measures to maintain Justice is urgent.

The pandemic and social distancing have accelerated the process of the digitalization of Justice in many countries across the globe. However, the important question is whether the changes are temporary or should be made permanent.In fact, many signs indicate the entire judicial system needs to be reinvented and restructured, to ensure timely and effective delivery of Justice. More Courts are going digital each day, and legal literature on “e-justice” suggests that digitalization increases the efficiency and efficacy of the judiciary, minimizes the cost for users and is usually less time consuming.

Welcome Speeches:

• Jerome ROTH, UIA President

• Eugenia GAY ROSELL, Director, UIA Collective Members

Moderator: Aldo BULGARELLI, Director, UIA Collective Members


• Christina BLACKLAWS, Past President of the Law Society of England and Wales

• Naoki IDEI, Vice Chairperson of the Central Board for Promotion of Civil Judicial Reform, Japan Federation of Bar Associations

• Joseph L. RAIA, Chair ABA Section of International Law American Bar Association


UIA - Unión Internacional de Abogados

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