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The Regulation is a centrepiece of the EU data protection reform and intends to have a significant and wide-ranging impact on businesses in the context of an increasing data-driven economy.

The new rules update existing legal principles and apply them to meet the challenges resulting from globalisation and technological developments so as to ensure an effective protection of the fundamental right to data protection. The impact of the Regulation will not be confined to businesses based in the EU and will also apply to any processing conducted from outside the EU which involves the offering of goods or services to individuals in the EU or monitoring of personal data on individuals in the EU.

Despite the challenges, the Regulation offers businesses certain benefits, including consistency and the potential to achieve cost reduction in the area of data protection compliance. To ensure compliance with the regulation once it comes into force, companies must be proactive and implement adequate policies and procedures to comply with the changes the Regulation introduces. The data protection controllers, data protection officers, compliance services, security managers and lawyers must prepare for the changes ahead.

This UIA seminar seeks to uncover the main challenges and benefits of the Regulation and the changes businesses must implement before the regulation comes into force, to avoid heavy financial and reputational sanctions in case of infringement. The seminar offers a legal and practical approach regarding the principal evolution of existing rules to help businesses and lawyers to better understand them.


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