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A company’s intellectual and intangible assets are key to its competitiveness and growth. It is what makes the company unique – its intellectual property, its people, and its brand!

SMEs and start-ups, in particular, have limited capacity to “go it alone”, and so collaborating with others is essential to achieve that which could not be achieved alone,

Collaborating with others is about “give and take” – about sharing physical and/or intellectual assets, developing new markets together, or jointly developing innovations for mutual benefit. Successful collaborations, and ultimately successful commercial exploitation, depends on having sound strategies for the management, protection, and exploitation of the outputs of these collaborations –the Intellectual Property.

This webinar will address the key IP issues which need to be addressed in business collaborations, particularly for SMEs and startups, in order to best use these intellectual assets as strategic tools to maintain competitiveness, enable growth and business expansion, and support investment.



European IP Helpdesk

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